Well I am back and fired up with my weekly words of wisdom. I have needed them a lot lately and struggled, but am flying higher than ever now. I always break through, it just takes a little longer to reboot my system sometimes, but I never quit rebooting until I get it. I got it now. Here are a few that helped me this week. Peace, love and happiness to you.

Are you wired properly for a great day? Make sure your wires are hooked up to the positive post today and not the negative. The negative feeds on your thoughts and grows with attention but will fade away and starve if you don't feed it...let it starve today.

good morning...winds have blown yesterday out of here...it's a new day! Make today a day of realizing your self importance. Drown out the noises that promote doubt and crank your confidence up to 11 because you are one badass when you are driven. Be driven and move forward today! Rock on Warriors

I lose rounds but I don't lose fights...spit bucket full, endswell applied, comeback begins...DING! Victory awaits

Words can heal, inspire, comfort and motivate you...nature gives you answers if you are tuned in...it's perfect harmony! We provide the lyrics to a beautiful ever present melody.

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