How would you respond if you were driving down the highway only to realize you're running a close second to a couple of bison? If you're this Wyoming truck driver, you're shocked and begin to utter every bad word you've ever been taught.

This was just shared on YouTube yesterday. Truck driver Kurt Sibilia found that he wasn't the only one on US highway 26. NOTE: if you watch this video with the sound up, you will hear the most NSFW bison descriptions you've ever heard. 

I have to give Kurt credit. First of all, he must have supreme eyesight to be able to truck down the highway and see brown bison before he was upon them. Second, he takes the time to alert emergency vehicles down the road that there are bison nearby. Kurt noted that because of his truck, the bison got off the highway.

If there were trophies for not just perfecting bad words, but in some cases nearly making up new combinations, Kurt would win. I'm not a prude (OK, so maybe I am a little bit), but wow Kurt. Let's hope the bison don't repeat those words to their mama when they return to their herd.

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