If you have never seen a video from YouTube channel, The Wyoming Project, this is a good starter one for you.

This particular video has an added element of comedy and satire, although still having some pretty interesting bits of Cowboy State news, which of course includes, "Where's Kanye", obviously referring to billionaire, Hip-Hop producer and shoe mogul, Kanye West.

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After watching, I was very glad that the Bill Gates/child dungeon/Navy SEALS story turned out to be super fake. I had actually had a few of my friends reach out to me and ask me if it was true. Luckily, I was late on the rumor and hadn't even heard it, but common sense probably would have had me nip that one in the bud pretty quickly.

All in all, I did get a kick out of the nearly 13-minute long video and it's nice to know Mr. West is back in the area. Also, anytime I can watch someone else make fun of tourons and bear attacks, I'm all for it.

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