A dramatic nature showdown played itself out right outside of a hotel in Glacier National Park recently. A grizzly had his eyes on a moose calf until her mother stepped in to confront the bear.

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According to the video description, this happened recently in Glacier National Park. Here's what a visitor at the hotel who captured the video had to say about what went down:

Right outside of Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park, a moose gave birth to two calves. Almost immediately a grizzly began stalking them day and night. Safely from a balcony of the hotel, I’ve been able to record different interactions between the grizzly and moose.

Here's proof that it's terrifying to deal with a mad moose mama even if you're an apex predator like a grizzly. Watch the video until the end and you'll see that there are two young moose that mom is defending and the confrontation eventually moves from the lake to the parking lot of the hotel.

As Wikipedia mentions, a mature cow moose like the one in this video can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and there's no fury in nature quite like a moose who's defending a young one.

According to How Stuff Works, moose are more dangerous to humans than bears. Even though they aren't naturally aggressive, there tend to be more moose encounters with humans than bears and it's easy to underestimate when a moose might charge compared to being disinterested. If a moose ears are back and they're looking at you, you're likely in danger.

Fortunately for this moose calf, this grizzly in Glacier National Park decided it wasn't worth the trouble of getting through a moose mom.

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