We went all summer without any major fires here in Northern Colorado and while this current Kruger Rock Fire that's burning near Estes Park isn't necessarily classified as "major" yet, evacuations are and have been in place since it sparked yesterday (Nov. 16).

Officials are saying they believe it was sparked by power lines, possibly some that were blown over in those ridiculous winds yesterday. As of around 7 p.m. last night, the fire was at around 133 acres with 15% containment.

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Fire crews have been working throughout the night which thankfully brought calmer winds and even some snow, so that's good news. As soon as we get an update this morning with containment numbers and evacuation info, we'll keep you posted.

During the day yesterday when things were pretty crazy with the fire igniting and the high winds whipping things up, there was a large herd of elk that were spotted escaping the flames. The scene was pretty surreal to see - check it out for yourself.

Yikes! Animals are not dumb. In particular, elk can sense a dangerous situation and will get away from that situation quickly, and that's exactly what they were doing in that video. So a rule of thumb, if you see elk running from something, there's a real danger nearby. Pretty crazy scenes yesterday as I could smell the smoke from our radio station parking lot on Main Street in Windsor.  

  Here's a pretty good visual of what the fire looked like yesterday afternoon:

And then what it looked like around 6 p.m. last night. Thankfully, those winds died down and a shout out to all of our responders and firefighters doing their thing - we appreciate y'all! 

  Be safe and stay up to date with everything on the Kruger Rock fire HERE.  

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