A lot people all around Wyoming and Colorado made the best out the massive amounts of snow caused by Winter Storm Xylia, but this man was probably the most artistic about it.

An awesome time-lapse video posted by the official WeatherNation Facebook page, shows a man making a very unique creation. Without giving too much away, if you're a Stars Wars fan, it's even "cooler". WeatherNation shared the short 1-minute video along with a challenge that read:

QUICK! You have 15 seconds to guess what this guy is making out of #snow! Post your guesses and we'll tell you the answer below. #COwx #Denver

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Were you able to figure it out? I gave a you a very big clue. An even bigger clue is that it's from the Disney+ television series, The Mandalorian. If you still don't know, it's the ship of the main protagonist of the show. The space craft is called the Razor Crest.

Considering the detail that went into replicating that out of snow, especially at that scale, that had to have taken hours!

Here's a a close up look at the ship in action from the show.

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