A mother bear and her cubs were caught in a pile of unsecured trash when a resident scared them off.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife posted two videos of a mother bear and two cubs tearing up some trash in Conifer. In the first video, we can see the pile of unsecured trash on the ground behind a vehicle. Then, the driver who drove up and caught the bears in the act begins shooting video before she starts yelling at the bears and honks her horn. The three bears seem to scamper off.

However, in the next video we see one of the bears come back and leisurely begin messing with a box. She honks again and sends him running.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife are reminding you to be bear aware, as the animals are waking up and are hungry. Put away bird feeders, SECURE YOUR TRASH and clean your BBQ grills. Find out how to be bear aware HERE.

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