There's a reason people are told not to leave food in their cars.

On Sunday Aug. 8, the Garfield County Sheriff's Office sent a deputy out to a call about a black bear stuck in a car. The mother bear had broke into the vehicle to get some food the owners had left. Meanwhile, her two cubs stood nearby and watched.

Obviously, bears can do and usually do a lot of damage, and that was no different for inside of the car. The sheriff's office released photos with the post of the inside of the car. If that's not enough to convince you to bring food inside with you, then I don't know what is.

Because of the damage, the deputy wasn't able to get the bear out through the back of the car. The only option was to open the driver door and let the bear out that way. In the video, you can see the deputy open the door and quickly jump back, but that bear was in no rush to get out of the car.

The owner of the car, despite the damage, is just glad that the situation was resolved and everyone got away safe. The deputy made sure the bears left the residential area and would not cause more trouble.


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