Scrolling quickly through Facebook today, a video captured my attention. At first, I thought it was going to be another one of those parasites being removed from an animal vid and I was going to nope right out of it. Until I saw what I thought was a parasite turn out to be a baby snake.

This might be ignorant for me to say, but I thought all reptiles laid eggs and not give live birth. Turns out that you really do learn something new every day because I now know that Garter snakes give birth.

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The Northern Colorado Wildlife Animal Center shared a few videos of the mamma snake giving birth and it was truly fascinating. Mainly because I didn't think that snakes gave birth and second, I am pretty sure I have never seen a baby Garter snake before.

Yeah. It was kind of gross. But let's be honest, what live birth of anything isn't? Red-sided Garter snakes are not found throughout all of Colorado. If you placed Colorado into four sections, the Red-sided Garter Snake would only be found in one-quarter of Colorado in the northeast section.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the Red-sided Garter snake is listed as a species of concern and a tier 2 species of concern. The population of the Red-Sided Garter snake is mostly unknown. However, the population decline in other Garter snakes due to loss of food could be a telling sign as to how the Red-Sided Garter snake's population is doing as well.

Source: Northern Colorado Wildlife Animal Center Facebook 

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