Tonight is going to be awesome! I always love our New From Nashville series at The Boot in Loveland but now and then there is one that gets me extra excited...tonight is one of those nights. There is a new artist named Tyler Rich who is coming tonight who is really going to be something special. This kid has it all going for him. He has great stage presence, he can sing, he can perform, he ain't a bad looking guy I must say and he is super good person too. That all equals...STAR.

He has a fantastic debut single called "The Difference" that is going to be a huuuuge hit. Come tonight and see what the buzz is all about. This is going to be fun. The show starts at 530 and is absolutely free to attend. He will sit down and do a set for us and you can say hi and meet him afterwards. Can't wait to see you tonight at The Boot and we can kick off the 28 Hours of Hope festivities. Check out Tyler's debut single here.

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