Walker McGuire at the Boot Grill for New From Nashville
Madi Scruggs, TSM

Walker McGuire took to the stage last night at the Boot Grill in Loveland for New From Nashville. Honestly, I hadn't heard this duo's music before Thursday night. Wow! Was I pleasantly surprised. What a beautiful mix of voices and their song writing is superb. Loved these guys. They were very funny and talked the crowd into buying them drinks for their entire set.

You will be hearing them on K99 in early April. After their show last night, Brian took to the stage and asked the crowd if we should add their new single "Til Tomorrow".  It was a resounding "YES".  So, we will. You will be hearing Walker McGuire on K99.

A big thank you to our DME Madi Scruggs for taking these wonderful photographs.

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