It's time to show your Northern Colorado pride, a local high school has made the list for favorite cheer section. Vote your community pride today.

Rocky Mountain High School Cheer Section Contest RMHS
Rocky Mountain High School Cheer Section Contest RMHS

Recently some schools were invited to the 9News studios in Denver to show off their school pride. The five schools who participated appeared on the early morning Bleacher Report.

It's now time to vote for your favorite. Who cheered the loudest? Who was the most creative and energetic?

Why is your vote important? Because the winning school will be named the Best Student Section in Colorado. All you have to do is spend one minute in memory of high school to remember how important the things you do are to you. And being the best at anything, well most anything, is always a morale booster for everyone.

Vote for Thunder Ridge, Mountain Vista, Rocky Mountain, or Rock Canyon right now, right here!

Go Team!!!!




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