Many in Western Colorado think of the spring and early summer months as the perfect window for checking out the many hikes or scenic trails found in the Colorado National Monument. 

The temps are nearly perfect out on the trails and the bugginess that seems to come with the late summer months is still a ways off. Now is the time to visit your Colorado National Monument.

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Check Out Grand Junction's Many Monument Airbnbs

There are so many fun things to do in the Colorado National Monument that it would be a shame to have to call off a hike because you need time to head back home. Why not stay the weekend in one of the many Airbnb rentals that are next to, or up on top of the Monument itself? Scroll on to see a few examples of these great stay-cation rentals.

Enjoy Private Views of the Monument From this Grand Junction Airbnb

Today's Airbnb rental is run by Superhost Andrea. She's got a 4.99 score out of 5 for her work here so you know you'll have a great stay. Catch the reviews about this rental with the link we will provide at the end of the tour below. The private backyard patio includes a fire pit and BBQ area with incredible views of the monument up above.

See Inside Grand Junction's Monument Airbnb Hosted By Andrea

This super chic cottage has room for 4 guests with two bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The cottage includes air conditioning, wifi, a smart tv, a loaded kitchen, and everything you will need to relax during your stay. Take a look below.

Enjoy Peaceful Views of the Monument from Grand Junction's Airbnb

This cozy cottage was developed to help you relax and unwind beneath the incredible Colorado National Monument. View the sandstone towers from the comfort of this chic Airbnb in Grand Junction.

MORE: Horse Ranch Airbnb Sits On Top of the Colorado National Monument

Check out these rustic cabins available on top of the Colorado National Monument via This affordable overnight is just 30 minutes from Grand Junction and offers an amazing view of the Monument you may have never seen before.

MORE: Glade Park Airbnb Shows Off Ladder Canyon in the Colorado National Monument

Enjoy a weekend at the Ute Valley Ranch overlooking the Colorado National Monument in Glade Park. Your stay on an authentic western centennial cattle and horse ranch overlooks the beautiful Ladder Canyon.

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