A Fort Collins man has gone viral after allegedly calling the police on two peaceful protesters.

In a video that has been viewed 2.24 million times, a Fort Collins man is seen berating two seemingly peaceful protesters. Then, he appears to call 911, telling the operator that the two protesters at "Timberline and Prospect" are encouraging cars to honk after 11 p.m.

After telling the operator that he "wants them arrested," he asks to talk to the police sergeant, a move that a lot of people on the internet are comparing with someone asking to speak with a manager. They're comparing him to a "Karen," a caricature of an uptight woman often associated with telling retail employees that she needs to speak with upper management.

There have been a variety of responses to the video, from those who believe the man is being unreasonable to those who sympathize with his perspective.

Katie Phang responded to the video on Twitter:

The hand on the hip with the slight hip thrust & the pursed lips. Classic Karen move


However, many on the internet are coming to his defense, arguing that protesting at 11 p.m. isn't protesting, it's disturbing the peace, including Twitter user Derrick Horvath:

How many here in the comments would love to hear cars honking at 11pm when you have to work in the morning though? This guy is tired and pissed, I feel it.


Near the end of the video, the man leans in and tells the woman holding the camera that he "fought for this country" and she should "put that on God damn video feed." When the woman responds by telling the man she "doesn't really care", he gets angrier.

Since the video's posting, Chief Swoboda of the Fort Collins Police Services issued a statement on the incident in a post on Facebook.

Warning: the video below contains explicit language:

Source: Twitter


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