What was supposed to be a moment of capturing an iconic sports car in action on video for Trey Grube quickly turned horrific as a 1997 Toyota Supra loses control, plows through a fence, and rolls onto train tracks on Santa Fe Drive in Englewood.

The video was posted on Instagram with the caption "RIP Supra - Driver is okay, no seatbelt and was ejected, but 0 injuries". The Englewood Police Department confirmed with KDVR that the driver was not injured in the accident.

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The Englewood Police Department also confirmed that the driver of the car is not the owner of the 1997 Toyota Supra. A local mechanic shop has not confirmed if one of the employees was driving the vehicle at the time of the crash. KDVR states that the mechanic shop will have a comment in the coming days ahead.


The driver that caused the accident of the Toyota Supra is facing charges of reckless driving and speeding. The 1997 Toyota Supra appears to be a limited 15th-anniversary edition model in which only 1,379 units were sold in the United States according to Assembly Made.

The owner of the wrecked 1997 Toyota Supra valued the vehicle at $300k according to the police report.

Source: KDVR

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