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Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared good news this morning from the crew at the Frisco Creek Rehabilitation Facility. The injured bear cub discovered north of Durango is on her way to a full recovery.

You may recall back on January 5, 2021, when Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers posted on CPW SW Region Twitter the discovery of an emaciated bear cub strolling around a neighborhood north of Durango.

After a week at the Frisco Creek Rehabilitation Facility, she is hydrated and has a full belly. She is described as "spunky and very defensive," which according to the facility's staff, is a good sign.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife believe the bear to have been orphaned early last summer. When found, she weighed only 13 pounds.

At this time, she is making the transition to solid foods. For now, the plan is to keep her at the Frisco Rehabilitation Facility for the remainder of the winter.

What's does the future hold for this young bear? According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, they hope to release the bear early this spring.

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