Two women in the United States Army are about to make history. These two women have done what no other women have ever done. It's history in the making for sure. 

Make no mistake about it, to be a United States Army Ranger is not for everyone. In fact, of the 381 men and 91 women who tried to pass the course, only 94 of the men finished and two women who have not been identified yet.

It's the first time a woman, let alone two, have ever passed!

To be a Ranger, it takes skill, endurance, brain and muscle. For one, they have to do 49 push-ups, 59 sit-ups and a 5-mile run in 40 minutes. Plus a ton of other stuff over the 62 day course that includes four days of military mountaineering, 12-mile foot march in full gear in under 3 hours, a swim test, four air assaults on helicopters and 27 days of mock combat patrols among other grueling tests.

Although these two women, who have done what no other women have ever done, will still not be allowed to join the 75th Ranger Regiment. Is that fair or should anyone be allowed to try out for the Army's elite Special Forces team? (The Navy recently announced it will open the S.E.A.L. program to allow women candidates.)

While I have mixed emotions on the topic, I have friends who have served in the 75th and are still currently serving and I have heard from some of them with various answers. While men and women are still very different genders, that seems to be much of what gets in the way. Where does each go to the restroom? Sleeping arrangements? Personal hygiene?

These are all things that weigh heavily from both sides and whether or not these would be huge factors in the heat of battle. However, if a woman is willing to put forth the effort, would she also be willing to live as the majority of her counterparts?

If she is willing to accept the way of life as an Army Ranger, and not expect any different treatment, then an Army Ranger is just that...a Ranger. Or is it impossible to have a Special Force team made up of both sexes?

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