We are all getting very tired of and unfortunately somewhat used to, hearing about another school shooting. Yesterday was supposed to be a day of love but a broken human in Florida turned it into a day of horror that so many will never forget. We have another dark day in our history with the death of 17 innocent young boys and girls.

There is going to be all sorts of talk about how do we prevent this and there will be debate about gun laws and school safety. I understand all of that. This is the 18th school shooting in 2018 and it is only February. I don't remember ever hearing of one when I was a kid. It is now a scary thing sending your kids off to school and feeling confident they are safe. How does this keep happening? Thirteen states have already dealt with a school shooting this year. That is just disturbing.

I wish I knew how to fix this problem and these people. I don't have the answers but I do know that we are getting more and more distant as a society. We have all the technology ever imagined to keep us informed and connected yet I feel we can become more disconnected and less social every day. We can isolate ourselves and never really have to have human interaction. I think we need to talk to each other more face to face and voice to voice. We can read so much more with actual eye contact and vocal tones. We need to listen to each other and those around us and teach our children the same thing. We need to ask questions and get involved in each others lives. Feeling alone and unwanted is dangerous and can lead to some troubled minds.

I would love to have the perfect words to help you deal with the painful feelings we are all experiencing today. I just know that I am going to love those I love a little louder today and try to spread some joy and love to all those around me. I am going to try to make every encounter a pleasant one and leave each person I spend time with feeling better and more uplifted than they did. A smile can do that and so can a kind word. There is a lot of ugly, hate and violence and I will do my best to drown it out with beauty, love, understanding and acceptance. Hug those you love and be an example of what is good. It is really the best weapon in this war. Talk to your children and let them know you are there for them no matter what the situation. My heart and healing thoughts go out to all those families and our entire American community. We are one nation under God, indivisible.

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