Trent Harmon at Boot Grill for New From Nashville
Jenny Harding, For TSM

He is the last American Idol ever! Trent Harmon was at the Boot Grill in Loveland last night for New From Nashville. He brought the crowd to their feet with his performance, but they wanted more. Trent could have played all night and that would have been just fine. What a voice.

I had the privilege of telling Trent that K99 will be one of the 1st radio stations in the country to play his 1st single, "There's a Girl". The news left Trent speechless. That song will be released on iTunes on Friday in conjunction with his appearance on Fox and Friends in New York City. It will be released to radio in mid-July.

My lovely wife, Jenny, took pictures last night, including meet-and-greet.

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