Todd's Mom & Dad
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My Mom is my hero. Ardyce Ardell Harding  turns 80-years-old next week. She has been my #1 supporter for 50 years. She gave me life. She taught me compassion, taught me to love and how to be loved. Mom gave me the love of music and performing. She had me singing in church as soon as I could talk.

My Mom always found a way no matter how big the obstacle. We were not wealthy when I was growing up. Mom made my clothes. She and Dad could not afford Nikes and Levis, so she taught me the importance of working for what I wanted. I have never been without a job ever since.

Mom has always been proud of me, but it didn't matter what I chose to do in life, she would be proud of me anyway. If I were a ditch digger she would be proud of me as long as I worked to be the best ditch digger I could be.

My Mom has always been there for me. She  was there the 1st time my heart was broken and she was the 1st person I told that I was going to ask Jenny to marry me 22 years ago. My mother has always been and will always be the single most influential person in my life. She is truly my hero. I love her with all my heart. Happy Birthday Mom.

My wife Jenny told me I should have my friends and family send birthday cards to Mom for her birthday. If you would like to send my mother a card, I would be grateful. I put the following message on Facebook:

Hey friends and family, my Mom, Ardie Harding, is turning 80-years-old on Thursday, October 13th. I am encouraging all friends and family to send a birthday card to my Mom. We are not asking for gifts, just a card. Mom is currently in rehab, recovering from shoulder surgery and I know it would make her day to get a bunch of cards. I am including all my Facebook friends so if you would like to get on board, even if you don't know Mom, I would be forever grateful. Thanks in advance.


Todd Harding


Ardyce Harding
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Todd's Mom Ardie
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