I can't believe we are celebrating our 20th Annual 28 Hours of Hope, but that is where we are and Brian and I are so proud. Thanks to the wonderful K99 listeners, we have raise about a million and a half dollars to help fight child abuse over the past two decades.

We have had some wonderful interviews over the years, but we weren't smart enough to start saving them until about 7 or 8 years ago. We probably didn't have the technology either. I have found my five favorite interviews from the past 5 years. I'm sure there were some great ones before that, we just don't have them.

5. Dierks Bentley - 2014

Dierks Bentley is such a class act. He makes my top five interviews of all time. Mostly because he made a donation to the 28 Hours of Hope during the interview. We were able to bond with Dierks when he played our "Boots in the Sand" in Mexico. We talked about that too.

4. Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson & Cole Swindell - 2016

We were so proud when our buddy Kelley Johnson was named Miss Colorado in the Miss America Pageant. She is currently Miss California in the Miss USA Pageant. In 2016, Kelley appeared on the air with us several times, including the 28 Hours of hope. It was a special moment when Cole Swindell called into the show while Kelley was on the air with us.

3. Garth Brooks - 2017

We were surprised and thrilled when country music legend Garth Brooks called in during the 28 Hours of Hope in 2017. He is definitely one of our favorites of all time. There is no better performer and not a nicer guy in the business.

2. Keith Urban - 2014

Keith Urban is awesome. He is definitely one of our most memorable interviews of all time. A couple of things stood out from that interview. First, when he called in he said with that unmistakable Australian accent, "This is Keith Urban". No kidding? It made us laugh because he probably has the most recognizable voice in the business. Then he floored us with his kindness and compassion. He wanted to thank all of the K99 listeners who called in to make a pledge. That will always stick out in my mind.

1. Bill Engvall - 2013

I didn't have to think very hard to come up with my favorite 28 Hours of Hope interview of all time. It was Bill Engvall, hands down. Luckily we have it for you in the YouTube video above. When he called in, one of our volunteers didn't recognize him. He turned it into a bit and it became my most memorable moment in 28 Hours history. It was hilarious and then Bill switched gears and took on the cause of child abuse.  He is truly the greatest.




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