Today is Vietnam Veterans Day. We owe so much to the veterans of this conflict. These folks fought a war that was as unpopular as could be in conditions that had been unseen before and then came home to less than the heroes welcome they deserved. We owe it to them to make up for that every day. There are very few of us who doesn't have a friend or relative that fought or gave their life in that war.

On this date in 1973 the last US troops left South Vietnam ending our involvement. Those men and women should have come home to parades and accolades but we fell short of that as a nation. Let's change that. Make sure you offer your gratitude when see a Vietnam vet and let them know how much you appreciate them and what they went through for you and me. God bless this country and the brave men and women who defend it. We love you. Thank you and welcome home.

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