It’s easy to count on a hit when Toby Keith and Bobby Pinson write together, a fact which holds true with the ‘I Like Girls That Drink Beer’ lyrics. The song is the singer’s first single from his forthcoming new album.

“We wrote this song maybe two and a half years ago,” Pinson tells Taste of Country. “Toby had this title. Toby had brought me a title one time called ‘She’s a Hottie,’ and I knew that it was going to resonate with his crowd. Nobody knows their audience better than Toby Keith. My job as a songwriter/friend is just help him get these ideas of his out there on the table the best we can. This was similar to ‘She’s a Hottie.’ It matched his crowd. We knew what it was going to be. He said, ‘How about ‘I Like Girls That Drink Beer’?'”

Bye bye baby I’m leaving / You can keep your mansion and your money / Your boat and your Benz and your uptown friends / And your country club that ain’t really country / I need a little down home lovin’ / And a man ain’t gonna get it up here / Yeah I’ll find what I want in a honky tonk / I like girls that drink beer,” they wrote in the ‘I Like Girls That Drink Beer’ chorus, which also kicks off the song.

“We wrote it on the bus and had a great time doing it,” Pinson says. “I really love the second verse. There are some really cool, tricky and crafty things [in that verse]. As a songwriter, you’re writing songs to entertain everybody else. But when you can look back at a song and see that you have entertained yourself while you were writing it, that to me is a successful song. That’s my favorite part about songwriting, looking back and laughing or chuckling, going, ‘Man, I can’t believe we pulled that off.’”

There’s a two lane black top road and I’ma hittin’ it / Skinner back son, let her fly just a-gettin’ it / Find me a little hot spot and just sit in it / Give me a mug of that ice cold brew / Get me a girl that’s got one too,” they wrote in the lyrics to the second verse.

“There are some really cool stuff in the verses that’s not in your average song,” Pinson explains. “He has a way of taking what would be just a simple idea and making it resonate with people, then us getting together and complicating it up a little bit … tripping it up a bit to where it’s really interesting, and not just a blah-blah song. We ended up pulling this song off the [last] record, knowing that it would be a single one day. We were excited that we were able to lead this record off with ‘I Like Girls That Drink Beer.’”

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