My go-to publication, Nylon Magazine, recently revealed that Tinder has ranked the sexiest jobs. So, where should you be employed in Northern Colorado to up your sexy?

According to Nylon, Tinder has been compiling data based on the correlation between users' job titles and their 'swipe right' success. So, what's the verdict for us?

Well, no need to become a sexy maid or wait tables at a sleazy hot wing restaurant. If you are a single lady in Northern Colorado, maybe see if UC Health or Banner is hiring, because physical therapists rank the sexiest, and nurses, of course, are in the top twelve. Speech language pathologists rank seventh, because what isn't sexy about saying 'nectar thick liquids only' or 'let's wire that jaw'? (Sorry, I used to work in hospital nutrition.)

Good news for our very own Madi: Tinder ranked social media managers even sexier than nurses, coming in at number nine.

Madi Scruggs/TSM
Madi Scruggs/TSM

And bad news for me and Mollie -- but great news for Drew -- male TV/radio personalities ranked fifth on sexiest male jobs. Sorry, ladies. He's married, and so is Matt Makens.

Also, guys, if you are actively enrolled in classes at CSU, UNC, AIMS or Front Range, stay there. Nothing is sexier than being a professional student, apparently, unless you're a firefighter, doctor, or as I said before, a male who works in radio.

Get the full story from Nylon here.

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