Tinder had a meltdown on Twitter – and it was hilarious.

The company sent out a flood of tweets aimed at journalist Nancy Jo Sales insisting the app is about so much more than hooking up – they say it’s actually all about meeting people and finding love.

Sales had written a piece for Vanity Fair examining the impact of hookup culture on young adults, fueled by apps like Tinder. She’d interviewed dozens of twentysomethings who basically said dating sucks and dating apps like Tinder are part of the problem.

“Hey @nancyjosales — that survey is incorrect. If you’re interested in having a factual conversation, we’re here,” said Tinder. “-@VanityFair Little known fact: sex was invented in 2012 when Tinder was launched.”

So snarky! The tweets didn’t stop there – read more of them here.

Although Tinder was defending its brand, I think they came off like a psychotic, jilted ex lover who should probably be locked away in a closet before they hurt someone (or themselves). But one thing I will give Tinder credit for is the fact that they have users in 196 countries including China and North Korea, where Internet is heavily censored by their governments. China and North Korea deserve love, too, right?

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