It all comes down to one game. They played 163 of them so far this year and it all comes down one single game to determine if the season is over or if we have a chance to go for the title. The Colorado Rockies have given us a very exciting season but we want more...a lot more and we are going to get it. Here are some reasons why.

First off I can just feel it. I have a feeling deep inside that this is going to be a very special season with a fantastic ending. I have had these feelings before and they turned out to just be gas but I have this sense that Chicago will be a sad place for Cub fans tonight. The fact that we have an explosive offense that took the day off yesterday means they will explode today. Count on it.

Secondly, the Rockies are just due. It is their 25th season and that is a lucky number. We won our last CMA in 2013 which was our 25th anniversary. I feel 25 is the lucky number and this is the Rockies title season.

Thirdly, the Cubs already got their long awaited title and now it is time for the long suffering Rockies fans to feel that feeling. You had yours Chicago, it is now our turn. Take it to the bank...the Rockies will win.

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