The Thompson School District made some changes to their bus stop routes due to new start times and driver shortages, but some of those changes were reversed this week after the school board heard from concerned parents who live in the Carter Lake area.

In previous years, there were four different stops in the south Carter Lake area and four in the north. The change this year had those stops reduced to one for each side. The parents of the children who use those stops voiced their concern over the lack of sidewalks or bike lanes along winding roads without shoulders, plus the threat of wildlife in the area such as bears, mountain lions, and snakes.

The complaints were not only heard, they were acted upon. According to the Reporter-Herald, Thompson School officials announced Wednesday that the district will not only restore the stops, but they are purchasing two used 14-seat buses and hiring drivers for that purpose. The officials also said that while they will restore the service, it will take time to buy the buses and find the new drivers, they cannot promise that it will be restored in time for the first day of school this Monday.

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