Thomas Rhett enjoys celebrating a No. 1 hit, but that doesn't mean he's not focused on the future. While partying it up in honor of "Make Me Wanna," the country hitmaker chatted with Taste of Country about what's to come, including his hopes for his latest single.

Rhett just dropped "Crash and Burn," which is one of the more unique songs to come to to country radio in recent years — and the singer promises there's a lot more where that came from. His new music is pushing the envelope, even for him. In fact, he compares his new album to a Picasso painting.

“I’m gonna throw red there, I’m gonna throw blue there, a little squiggle right there," he explains. "It’s just kind of all over the board, which I think directly describes my scattered brain and personality and so many different styles of music. It’s all country, if that makes any sense. So it’s a little bit like the last record — we definitely pushed it a little bit farther on the second one, though."

Yes, Rhett's eyes are on the horizon, but that doesn't mean he's not stoked to put a third consecutive No. 1 hit under his belt, as that's a huge feat for a newcomer!

“Even to have one would have been awesome, but ya know, to have three in a row ... I mean, it doesn’t really get any cooler than that for me," Rhett gushes. "And hopefully we can repeat that on album two, that would be nice.”

As long as the newlywed singer continues to let wife Lauren pick his singles, he'll be set. She's been a huge help in Rhett's on-fire career, and she never lets him forget that.

“Lauren has picked my last three No. 1s, and she will always hold that over my head," Rhett tells reporters with a big grin. "So if I ever put a single out that does not have the Lauren stamp of approval, it'll probably die pretty quick.”

At least he knows the secret to success ... and staying married!

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