Not everyone is blessed with the God-given gift of good cooking, but sometimes there's just one mistake we make to screw up our culinary masterpiece.

Melony Jackson, presumably an American, noticed her food tasted strange. She threw out pans and almost got rid of her dishwasher, believing they may be the culprit. Then one day a friend pointed out the oil she'd been using for months was actually shower gel.

When you look at the bottle of Yves Rocher shower gel, you can see why Jackson had mistaken it for olive oil - it's covered with pictures of olives, says olive oil (the scent), and is even the same color as olive oil. Below the words "olive oil," however, are "bain douche" and "shower gel."

Of course, the story made it to Reddit, where users poked a lot of fun at Jackson's mistake.

Is this something you'd laugh at yourself for afterward, or would you be so embarrassed that you wouldn't want anyone to know about it? I can't say I've ever made as dumb of a mistake as this, but we've all had our moments. If I'd been using shower gel instead of olive oil in my cooking, I'd take that secret with me to the grave.

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