There is a 3 mile stretch of road going south on I-25 that is absolutely a pain to drive on. This three mile stretch was suppose to be improved by adding a lane, unfortunately, I think that it has caused more of a traffic headache than anything else. This portion of I-25 in Northern Colorado is known at Berthoud hill. A climbing lane was recently added that was suppose to alleviate some of the slower going traffic up the hill. However, it seems as if the extra lane has caused much more congestion.

No matter what day or time I drive south towards Denver, there is always a backup in this area. People seem to not know how to merge or there is an accident close to the lanes merging down to two lanes from three. In this video, it shows how badly the traffic was. Notice that barely anyone was in the actual "climbing" lane where the slower vehicles are suppose to be driving.

If you have driven this way recently, what do you think? Did this extra lane cause more problems traffic wise than it was actually worth? Sometimes I will take I-25 south to see if it has improved with the congestion, but recently, I am finding myself taking the back roads more and more just to be away from that disaster.

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