If you are hosting Thanksgiving, you are more than likely cooking the turkey. If you are like most people, you have a big block of frozen bird in your freezer as you read this. You need to thaw your turkey out before you cook it and if you have a big bird, you are going to have to take a couple of extra days to get it thawed out.

Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey
evgenyb, ThinkStock Images

According to Delish, if you are going to thaw your turkey out in your fridge, here is when you need to pull your turkey out of your fridge:

24 lbs - 6 days - Friday, November 22
20 lbs - 5 days - Saturday, November 23
16 lbs - 4 days - Sunday, November 24
12 lbs - 3 days - Monday, November 25
8 lbs - 2 days - Tuesday, November 26
4 lbs - 1 day - Wednesday, November 27

This math equates to approximately 4 lbs per day to thaw. Make sure you take your turkey out in time for Thanksgiving and have a wonderful time with your family this holiday season.

Source: Delish

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