The men of Hot Country Knights have strong opinions about modern country radio, but don't start thinking they're a group of polished gentleman. The Douglas Douglason-led band did describe modern country radio as a "sausage fest," but ...

Their interview with Taste of Country Nights isn't totally safe for work. We'll put a strong PG-13 rating on this video, but if you have a 13-year-old son, go get him — he will snort laugh at some of their adolescent humor. You hear it in their first two released songs "Pick Her Up" (with Travis Tritt) and "Asphalt." The title of a third song — a collaboration with Terri Clark, they tell Taste of Country — is "You Make It Hard." The band describes that as a romance ballad.

"It's a sausage fest, and it's a limp sausage fest. These guys have no testosterone," Douglason says of today's country music. "Country music is really a loin music. That's why we wear our pants high and tight and keep our hearts close to our chest."

"Skinny jeans are fine, they're just skinny in all the wrong places," bassist Trevor Travis adds.

"Yeah, no girl wants to see skinny calves, they want to see a skinny knuckle," Douglason adds.

A knuckle? Don't ask.

Before you knee-jerk about another group of old-timers taking shots at modern country music, do some research on the background of Hot Country Knights and their peculiar relationship to Dierks Bentley. There is a certain amount of comedy baked into every interview and their live performances.

A clip of the interview released early shows how they roll:

The full interview includes a conversation about the origins of Hot Country Knights and a therapy session over the biggest rift in the band. At the end, they also play Flip Cup to decide who has to finish a popular '90s country song.

In April the Hot Country Knights will embark on the One Knight Stand Tour.

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