Forget the Watermelon Crawl -- there's a new country dance craze in town. Dierks Bentley's '90s country project Hot Country Knights are here to teach the "Moose Knuckle Shuffle."

Bentley Doug Douglason and crew released their latest song on Friday (March 6), sharing the tale of that time he broke down in Moose Knuckle, Tenn., went to get help and wound up in the middle of a town party, at which he learned some new moves ... and, apparently, met his wife. Press play above to listen.

We can't find Moose Knuckle on a map, but the dance itself is easy enough to learn: "You shuffle to the left, you shuffle to the right / Put your hands in your pants, and you hike 'em up high / No matter what you're packin' under that belt buckle / Everybody do the moose knuckle shuffle."

If this all sounds suspiciously familiar, it should: "Moose Knuckle Shuffle" mimics Tracy Byrd's 1994 hit "Watermelon Crawl" both lyrically and melodically. That song's writers, Buddy Brock and Zach Turner, earn co-writing credits on the Hot Country Knights' song, which was written by Brett and Jim Beavers, Chase McGill, Dan Hochhalter and Brett Tyler.

"Moose Knuckle Shuffle" is one of 10 new songs on the Hot Country Knights' forthcoming album, The K Is Silent, which is due out on May 1. The '90s country-inspired tracks include the previously released "Asphalt," the single "Pick Her Up" (featuring Travis Tritt) and a love song featuring Terri Clark, "You Make It Hard."

The K Is Silent is due out on May 1. In April, the Hot Country Knights will embark on a brief tour, dubbed the One Knight Stand Tour.

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