Did you know that your average American household has approximately 300,000 items in it? It's pretty wild to think there is that much stuff inside the walls of your home. Many Americans take the time in the spring as the weather starts to warm up to declutter and clean their homes. A lot of that unwanted stuff ends up going to thrift stores and donations across Colorado.

Looking through the inside of my home, I feel like there is a lot of stuff that can just go away. However, there are a few things that I feel like every person who lives in the state of Colorado should own. Oddly enough, I couldn't come up with a full list myself, so I asked for some help.

Enlisting the help of Chat GPT, I asked the artificial intelligence website to give me a list of ideas as to what every Colorado home should have. While I might have been stumped, Chat GPT came to the rescue by giving me ideas. Most of the items on the artificial intelligence were good. So good in fact, they were staring me right in the face and I couldn't even see it.

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Here is a list of 15 things that should be in every home in the state of Colorado.

These 15 Essential Items Should be in Every Home in Colorado

We asked Chat GPT what artificial intelligence believes should be in every home in the state of Colorado. Here is what it came up with. How many of these items do you have at your home?

Gallery Credit: Matt Sparx

Looking over the list, I can confidently say that my wife and I own most of these items. We want to know your thoughts on this. Do you agree with the list? Is there something that has been missed that you feel should be on the list? Let us know by sending us a message on the app.

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