Here is another one of those videos I saw yesterday on a FB news feed that I had to stop and watch. This story is beyond inspirational and should be seen by everyone.

This is the story of a man by the name of Richie Parks. If you are a NASCAR fan, or more specifically, a fan of Hendricks Motorsports, you have most likely already heard his story. If not, please watch this video as it's the most inspirational thing I may have ever seen.

We all get down about things in our lives. Things we can't do etc. but how about the handicap? When it comes to being handicap, Richie Parks defies all odds and can literally do anything an able body person can do and Richie has no arms.

He drives, washes his car, works on his car, feeds himself, welds, runs a grinder and responsible for helping one of the most successful NASCAR racing teams win more races than anyone else. When he applied for a job at Hendricks Motorsports, everyone asked the same thing, "What's he going to do?" As it turns out, he is one of the most intricate parts of their team.

When you are feeling down and out, or feeling sorry for yourself, keep this video handy so you can realize that things could be much worse. Life is about determination and never giving up on a dream and the story of Richie Parks should be seen and heard by all of us.

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