Snow-capped mountains, unique wildlife, and beyond gorgeous sunsets are just some of the most common snapshots to be captured by Instagrammers here in Colorado. But what location in our state is the most popular place to post photos from when using the social app?

After taking the time to browse through millions of photos and analyzing state-specific hashtags from Instagram users around the country, the travel website Busbud determined the site in each state where the most photos are posted from. From landmarks and natural beauty to racetracks and theme parks, the top spots definitely vary among the different states – You may have even snapped an Instagram photo from the most common spot in Colorado.

If you guessed Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies in Denver, you are correct! As of this posting, there were 51,201 pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #coorsfield –which is no surprise if you've ever been to a game and been able to witness the beauty of the pristine field, along with the surrounding architecture and the Rocky Mountains serving as a breath-taking backdrop.

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