One of the biggest growing trends in Colorado is the amount of cars that are stolen in the state. Just because you are holding a seat in the government for Colorado, doesn't make you immune to possible theft. Just ask the Mayor of Denver as he had his vehicle stolen last month.


KDVR says that a spokesperson for the Denver Mayor's office confirmed that Mike Johnston's vehicle was stolen on October 28. The theft occurred at approximately 6:09 a.m. and the vehicle was recovered 10 hours later in Aurora, Colorado off of Colfax Avenue and Jolier Street with the assistance of GPS.

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This isn't the first time Mike Johnston has had his vehicle stolen in Denver. Johnston kicked off his new year in 2017 with the theft of his vehicle from Office Depot located at 35th and Quebec.

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While Johnston's vehicle was recovered in the last incident, it is still unclear if he ever got his first car that was stolen back. No information was given as to the type of vehicle or the condition it was in when it was recovered to keep Mike Johnston and his family safe. I know if I was the mayor of a major metropolitan city, I would surely want to keep what type of vehicle I drive undercover as much as I possibly could.

On average, 731 vehicles per 100,000 residents are stolen in the state of Colorado. The city of Denver has been ranked third for auto thefts nationwide. First place belongs to another Colorado city, Pueblo, with 1,086 vehicles stolen per 100,000 Colorado residents.

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