There are some artists that I just feel a connection with and Waylon Jennings was the first country artist that seemed like a kindred spirit to mine. Waylon had his own way of doing things. He had his own sound, his own look, his own image and did things his way. I loved that outlaw attitude and try to carry it on to this day. I love Waylon so much that I am considering wearing my Waylon t-shirt and a sport coat when we get inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame next week. I feel it would only be appropriate. Mr Jennings would have been 80 years old today and we should celebrate the occasion.

Complications from diabetes took away this troubadour at the age of 64. He left behind an amazing catalog of music. Thank you Waylon. Thank you for making it okay for a long haired, goofy hat wearing rebel to find a home in country music. If it weren’t for you I would never have been able to be accepted.

I have many favorite Waylon tunes but I thought I would include my theme song "I've Always Been Crazy". Enjoy some Waylon today and remember the spirit of the outlaw.

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