Let's get this out of the way... I think that Ashley Judd is beautiful-puffy face and all!

Ashley Judd

Ashley is making the rounds with morning tv shows, radio programs and public appearances promoting her new show. Some are speculating that she has a problem with 'procedures'.

Judd appeared on a Canadian talk show to promote "Missing" and it seems that all anyone got from the interview was a basket full of gossip. Judd's face appeared puffy, a sign that she may be over filling.

The actresses staff have replied that she has been battling sinus infections and the flu. Adding that if you looked at pictures from just a day or two ago there would be no sign of possible over filling or plastic surgery.

Ashley Judd's new show is called "Missing". She plays an ex-CIA agent that has to draw on her past experiences as an agent to find her son who has been kidnapped. The series premiers tomorrow on ABC.

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