After a hailstorm of reactions resulting from their comments about Miss Colorado and nurses, the hosts of The View offer a weak apology, and the public isn’t having it.
I hate it when I'm right (well, not really), but in yesterdays blog, I stated that all I expected from the hosts of The View after they made mocking comments towards Miss Colorado and trivialized her being a registered nurse was a lip-service apology, claiming the comments were "taken out of context", and that's exactly what we got.

First, they keep saying in this so-called "apology" that real nurses understood that they were not mocking their profession. Actually, my wife who works in nursing along with all the other nurses she works with, as well as all the nurses who left thousands of comments on your Facebook page, did not interpret it that way.... AT ALL!

Second of all, nice fake lip-service trying to placate the crowd, stating "you all should be paid more, take MY money and, bosses, give them a raise." Well, if that's the case, hand over your money... or once again, am I "misconstruing" what you said? I'm thinking this was the same thing rock stars do when they go to a town and yell "Hello, Denver" just to get a cheer.

Next, Joy being ignorant to a situation is no excuse. I work in entertainment, and I know that there are hours spent prepping what topics you are going to talk about.  Either you knew what you were saying, or you just don't care enough about your audience to be informed about topics you so adamantly support with your opinion.

Whoopi, how dare you scold the viewers and people who were offended. "You just have to listen", she says, and then people would have known better. Well, they did listen, and what was said and how it was said enraged them. Apparently it's the viewer's fault for not "understanding" what your cohort meant when she admittedly talked about a topic that she was "ignorant" to. I'm sorry, but that doesn't compute with me... but maybe I just wasn't listening.

Now that I think of it, where is your apology to Miss Colorado? Other than mentioning her in the beginning, not once did you ever apologize to her. She is the one who put herself out there and presented something different than "wearing an evening gown or bikini". You're women that support the feminist movement, and you would think that you would support a woman who breaks the mold and goes up there to show who she truly is... unless those other girls play a funky violin in ball gowns regularly? You should be applauding her, not trying to bring her down. However, I guess you still think her talent is "reading emails." She did an f-ing monologue, which can also be referred to as a soliloquy... funny, wasn't that something Shakespeare was known for doing? I guess he didn't have any talent either.

One more thing for Joy: listing off that you have family members and know people who work in the medical field so you know what they do, in an attempt to validate what you said, is like someone thinking it's OK to make a racist comment because their sibling married someone of another race. It's a feeble attempt at an excuse.

Apparently, judging by all the comments below, I'm not the only one NOT buying your "apology." Share your comments with the tag #nursesunite


"We love nurses . . . We adore you. We respect you." - The View co-hosts respond to comments made earlier in the week about a Miss America contestant.

Posted by The View on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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