Ever since losing 140 lbs my life has changed in so many ways. My mind and body are both brand new and I am still getting to know them and what they can do. There have been so many amazing things that I have experienced or felt since the weight loss but yesterday was a perfect example of the greatest benefit of my new health. I got to play with my family!!

Yesterday was my son and my granddaughters birthday party in Holyoke. My wife, daughter and 2 oldest grandsons and me loaded in the truck and headed east for a great day. We had cake, broke pinatas and had a blast. I got to do something that I have never really done in decades and that was actually physically play with my family. Thank you Benchmark Medical Group for getting me to this wonderful place in life. I played soccer, cornhole and even threw the football around with my son and his friend Preston. It had been years since my boy and I played catch. I never had the strength or energy before but this is a whole new existence. I know it was not MY birthday but I feel like I am still getting the greatest gift of all every day. I have my family and I now have my health. Hope you had a great weekend too.

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