I was raised on camping and have tried to pass along those good time to my children. Two of them have even been on 3-week backpacking excursions deep into the Alaskan Bush. It's amazing what you can teach your kids and learn from them at the same time.

Charley Barnes, TSM
Charley Barnes, TSM

I just can't say it enough.  Some of the most beautiful and coolest places right here in Colorado can only be seen by hiking to them. Don't think of this 'hike' as work. Think of it as a once in a lifetime chance to spend time with your family in a way that makes you forget all about this digital world we live in.

Well, this Saturday, we will be transforming the B.W. Pickett Equine Center into a mecca of outdoor fun. It's a great opportunity to get you engaged and inspired about all the outdoor adventures right here in Colorado. The Great Colorado Outdoors Show, presented by ChooseNissan.com and the local Front Range Nissan Dealers, will cater to all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts no matter what your outdoor adrenaline rush might be.  You can even ride a real motorcycle if you have ever wondered what it's like or if you aren't sure about buying one...test ride a real motorcycle and you can even sign up to win a new 883 Sportster Iron with Thunder Mountain Harley. (It's strapped down on rollers and doesn't move.)

  • Vendors
  • Vehicles
  • Boats
  • Bicycles
  • How-to workshops
  • Outdoor gear
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Hunting and much more.
Charley Barnes, TSM
Charley Barnes, TSM

To top it off we are also bringing in R.J. and Jay Paul Molinere of The History Channel’s Swamp People for a meet and greet.

Food and drink will be on site and you can even get your 2013 license in time for the opening of hunting season. If you love Colorado and all the outdoors in our beautiful state has to offer, join us, this Saturday in Fort Collins.  For tickets and more information, just click on the big red link directly below.

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