In many ways, this has been a year of adjustments. Events have been moved, postponed and wiped out all together, and I'm sure no one wants to add Halloween to that list. Luckily, we don't have to cancel the holiday, but the CDC DOES have some suggestions and recommendations for us to enjoy the day properly and safely.

Traditional trick or treating is currently frowned upon, but it doesn't have to be completely eliminated. The CDC recommends that if you ARE going to be handing out candy, wear a mask and put candy in individual goodie bags for families to grab off of your porch.

Meanwhile, if you and your kid are trick or treating, only do so with family and keep the social distancing going while out and about. The CDC's other main points were not going to haunted houses (which is a big bummer, but I get it), as we want to avoid gathering indoors. If you ARE going to be in a group, do so outdoors and keep social distancing measures in place. Indoor parties and gatherings, including potluck meals, are frowned upon as well.

However, outdoor events, parades, and socially-distant pumpkin patches are fine, as are haunted forests. Got all that? Seriously though, with a few extra steps to stay safe, we can still have a fun Halloween and HOPEFULLY be able to do a little more for Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are coming up sooner than you think.


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