Okay, I'll be clear, CNN's Randi Kaye was never filmed taking a puff; but she did a pretty nice job of looking familiar with the element she was in, as she held a lit doobie on a pot bus in Denver on New Year's Eve.  It might've helped that she was most likely catching a nice little contact high.  Then again, it's normal to forget where you are when you're somewhere unfamiliar anyway, right?  Take a look, and you tell me:

Oh, what fine lines we travel when we're reporting.  Anyone leading an investigation of any kind must, at some point, answer the question "How close do I want to get to my subject?"  There have been great movies written based that very thing!  My heart goes out to Randi, though.  No matter how much you like weed, I seriously doubt if it'd be a lot of fun broadcasting high.  I have a hard enough time remembering what I was saying without it.  (Thanks for listening, anyway!)


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