It's not too late to have an awesome holiday weekend.

Who's ready for a long three-day weekend? I know I am! It's always nice to have an extra day off and I totally vote in favor of having a three-day weekend every week, or at least once a month. It gives us something to look forward too and that hasn't happened much this year.

With that being said, what are you planning to do this weekend?

Perhaps you just want to collapse on the couch and not move for 72 hours. Maybe you want to get out of the house and hit the open road. I like that latter option. I think three-day weekends are the perfect opportunity for a road trip.

Recently Reader's Digest put together a list of the Best Labor Day Weekend Getaways in Every State.

For Colorado they chose Denver which is very easy for us to get to. The publication praised Denver for it's mountainous scenery, but also the city life. They suggested hiking, mountain biking and whitewater rafting in the Rocky Mountain foothills, while staying at the Source Hotel & Market Hall. You'll get "modern accommodations", plus an outdoor market hall experience with cocktails, food, and more. It sounds like a great way to savor those last precious summertime experiences.

Denver is just over an hour away from Fort Collins. If you don't feel like staying the weekend or even just for a night, that's a simple day trip you can make. I wouldn't mind waking up early, grabbing a pumpkin spice latter and heading south for a little change of scenery.

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