The 90th Annual Greeley Stampede doesn't officially get underway until this coming Friday, June 22nd, but the folks at the Stampede have a little warm up for us tonight. The Stampede Arena at Island Grove Regional Park will be filled with dirt, but not for rodeo. Monster trucks, a motorcycle stuntman, atv racing and tuff trucks all take center stage in Greeley tonight!

Five monster trucks have made their way to Greeley to compete on a huge track which they will actually make a lap with a turning course while racing over cars!  No where in Colorado have they ever seen such a Monster Truck track.  Each truck will also compete in a wheelie contest and freestyle car crushing contests.

BIG Ed Beckley the World’s Largest Motorcycle Jumper will also show the fans in Greeley what he has. Ed is 6ft 2inches tall – weighs 320lbs – and has been a motorcycle stuntman off and on since 1973 he is 61 years old. He will fire-up his all new and custom built 2000cc Harley Jump bike and attempt to launch it over a line of cars.

Tuff Truck competition gives the local hot rodders a chance to be in the show.  Street legal cars, pick-ups, and dune buggies  negotiate around the track racing against the stopwatch.

Finally, ATV 4 wheelers will be racing also.  Two classes of racing they are open amateur and open pro riders and anyone over 14years old with their parents co-signing they can race.

Rain or shine, the event gets started at 7:30 tonight. Click here for tickets and more info!

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