If you were to describe a lizard that shoots blood from its eyes, you would think that something like this would come straight out of a sci-fi movie. While it may sound made up, it is something that one Colorado lizard does as a form of defense.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the reptile known as the Texas Horned Lizard is said to have acidic blood due to having an ant-rich diet. The blood from the lizard is probably less than appealing to the lizard's prey. The Texas Horned Lizard goes by many names. Some of those names include the Horned Toad or the Horny Toad due to its spike on the head and along the body.


The blood from the Texas Horned Toad comes from the ducts near the eyes. This blood-squirting defense mechanism can shoot blood up to three feet and contains toxins that are noxious to dogs, wolves, and coyotes.

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Texas Horned Toads in Colorado

These blood-squirting lizards can be found in numerous states including Colorado. While the Texas Horned Toad may be in Colorado, you cannot find the lizard throughout the state. These Texas Horned Lizards can be spotted in the southeastern part of Colorado. While you might want to catch a glimpse of the infamous blood-squirting lizard, you might be hard-pressed to witness one in the flesh as they are masters of camouflage. However, if you do happen to spot one, leave it alone. The Texas Horned Lizard has a spot-on aim when it comes to shooting blood from its eyes.

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