When it comes to songs about our state, there's good, bad and Billy Ray.

We all know John Denver and Katharine Lee Bates had a love affair with the purple Rocky-Mountain-high majesties, that Bob Dylan said 'goodbye to Colorado,' and that the country music industry loves us; from Merle, to the Zac Brown Band, Johnny Cash and more.

But, here are ten songs you may not have known gave us a shout out (for better or... really bad).

  • Meese - Tell Me It's Over

    'Kids of the frozen front range...' (hey, that's us!). Unfortunately for Meese, it was over, because they disbanded not long after this song came out. I still enjoy their older stuff though.

  • Local Natives - Who Knows Who Cares

    Probably my favorite on the list.

  • 3OH!3 - Colorado Sunrise

  • One Republic - Good Life

    OK, you probably did know about this one.

  • Bowling for Soup - Surf Colorado

  • Marina and the Diamonds - Gold


  • Modest Mouse - Trucker's Atlas

  • The Velvet Underground - Lonesome Cowboy Bill

    It's no 'Sweet Jane,' but we'll take it.

  • Green Day - Favorite Son

  • Tech N9ne - Don't Tweet This

    Yeah, Boulder, you can have this one...

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