Several Northern Colorado law enforcement agencies are once again coming together to reduce car thefts, find stolen vehicles and arrest suspects on the felony charges that are associated with vehicle theft.

The task force working in the Greeley area goes by BATTLE (Beat Auto Theft Through Law Enforcement) North. Just during this month, January 2023, there have been 2 operations recovering eleven vehicles, a closed trailer, and two ATVs. Plus, they made two arrests. Last year BATTLE performed 40 of these operations.

The Greeley Police have full details of these efforts on their website.

Greeley Police Department
Greeley Police Department

My car was stolen once. I was living in some old condos in the Campus West part of Fort Collins in the early 2000s. I had placed an extra key in the console of my little Toyota Corolla and forgot to take it out. Then, I accidentally forgot to lock the car that night. A couple of dumb "oops" on my part.

Some kid was checking car doors to steal what was inside and found an opportunity in my car. I was so poor and had no family nearby. What was I gonna do? How was I going to get to work? Lucky for me, police recovered it within 24 hours a little north of town. The kid went to his friend's house and the parents realized something was suspicious.

The violating feelings of having something stolen from you are the worst. The thief just sees the value of what they are taking, not the hardship it may present for the human it belongs to.

Colorado Crime Statistics reports that 172 motor vehicle thefts were reported in Weld County in 2021 and 180 in 2020. The numbers may not include all of December yet for 2022 stats, but currently, they are reporting 118 thefts in 2022.

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