$36 million is more money than most of us would even begin to know what to even do with, but that would be a pretty sweet "problem" to have. In new Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson's case, it's merely pocket change as that is the price tag for his mansion on the waterfront back in Bellevue, Wash.

Bellevue is just across Lake Washington from Seattle and is an extremely affluent city with famous peoples' properties dotted all along the lakeshore and within its lush hills.

So with a 20% down payment, which is a little over $7 million with an interest rate of about 5% including taxes, insurance, and all of that good stuff, you'd be looking at a monthly mortgage payment of around $170,000 per month.

Yeah, numbers that are so far from reality for us it's not even funny, but just for funsies, let's take a look inside Russell Wilson and Ciara's old stomping grounds in their "modest" 6 bedroom 7 bathroom mansion valued at around $36 MILLION.

Take A Tour Of Russell Wilson’s $36 Million Mansion On The Market

While Russell Wilson and Ciara are getting started on their new life in Colorado, they're mansion back in Washington is fetching $36 million dollars. Let's take a little peek inside.

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